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1. George Washington: The Indispensable Man, by James T. Flexner
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James Thomas Flexner - Schriftliche Werke

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His complex character and career are neither glorified nor vilified here; rather, Flexner sets up a brilliant counterpoint between Washington's public and private lives and gives us a challenging look at the man who has become as much a national symbol as the American flag. Product Details Softcover; pages. Please login or register to write a review for this product.

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The Indispensable Man: Mark Lender Responds

Luckily for Washington, no proof of his eternal hatred for Reed is produced, on the contrary, Joseph Reed went on to serve ably in a number of important positions even rising to hold the office equivalent to being the Governor in Pennsylvania. This might have been a good place to investigate the circumstances of the defeat at Ft. But after he was counseled by General Nathanael Greene that the dirt walled fort was impregnable to British artillery, Washington changed his mind and ordered the patriots there to defend their position.

To some first hand observers and under the right circumstances, that vacillating might indeed resemble indecision.

Sometimes a single book tries to be too many things at once. There is one list of the aides-de-camp who served under Washington found on page 15 compiled by Worthington Chauncey Ford the last name on his list, charmingly, is Martha Washington. Sometimes the biographical sketches are whole and sometimes they are very fragmented with a bit here and a bit there scattered throughout the book.

Fact of Life - There's No Indispensable Man (Poem by White Kessinger)

The victories are savored and clearly relished as evidence of pure genius while the defeats are summarily retold and dismissed to some dusty corner as irrelevant and immaterial. That his research falls short of revealing that Washington depended upon his aides-de-camp as confidants and policy advisors is somewhat admitted to by Lefkowitz on page Intriguingly, he finds however the fact that there is no evidence that he is right merely proves his hypothesis.

The Indispensable Man: Mark Edward Lender Responds · George Washington's Mount Vernon

There is no known evidence that they did so, ergo, they must have done it and kept that fact a perfect secret to their graves. What kind of individual could inspire such perfection of fidelity and loyalty in his disciples but a Great Man cut from the homespun broadcloth of American myth and legend? We see an incredibly lucky man who eventually learns how to put that luck to work.

We see a man doubtful of his own military abilities early in the war learn the hard lessons taught by years of campaigning to emerge as a savvy exploiter of circumstances to become the victor at Yorktown. We see Washington as a consummate politician who understood the advantages of appointing the sons of the influential and wealthy to his staff. We see a Washington of quick temper, testy disposition, and who was a very demanding boss. We see Washington briefly struggle with conflicting feelings about manumitting his slaves, maintaining his position among his peers in the slave society of Virginia if he did so, and the reality of running a successful plantation sans slaves.

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We see Washington as a man with few close friends but who sought to surround himself with loyal aides sycophants? This is a human and understandable Washington we are left with not an American King Arthur. For others, including this humble reviewer, they tended to be distracting at best and frustrating at worst.

So why not read it for yourself and decide?

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