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The Hockey Goalie's Handbook : The Authoritative Guide for Players and Coaches
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The emphasis for this seminar is for Goaltending Coaches who wish to become certified Upon completion of the seminar and all related post seminar tasks, delegates will be certified as a Hockey Canada Skills Coach in the area of Goaltending. Certification will be maintained on a yearly basis through Hockey Canada and Member Branch requirements.

Day 2 — Skating 3. Day 3 — 10 Scoring Situations 4.

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Day 4 — Advanced Goaltending Skill Development 5. Well done Bedford. Hockey Canada head to Bedford and see how minor hockey is supposed to run for development. At one time the Quebec goalies were the be all end all of goaltending. That fad is gone. Now the fad is Finns and Swedes. Which will fade. Sweden has only one gold medal in last ten years. USA and Canada have won multiple times! If goaltending so important to the sport of hockey why are the Finns and Swedes not dominating at Junior levels? Under the watchful eyes of a coaching and scouting staff, the players experience play on an international ice surface and are introduced to many elements of the international hockey experience.

Canada also competes at the IIHF World Under Championship, taking part in the championship for the first time in , and winning their first gold medal in in Russia. Once they have moved through the Under program, the National Junior Team is the next challenge that faces the players internationally.

The Virtual Goalie Coach Training Guide

I totally agree with the article. My son has been a goalie from the time he has started playing. I have been trying every season to convince the association to implement goalie training as part of the curriculum. The goalies are the only ones on the ice that are not being trained. Can you tell me who at Hockey Canada is pushing this forward or in charge of goalie development? It may be too big for one person to handle. Jack, Larry, Steve, InGoal, anyone?

Locations where this product is available

Steve, sounds like you are one the main proponents with tenure on this subject for us passionate Canadians with children goaltenders. I appreciate this forum as a means of staying dialed in to best support our kids who have the passion and commitment to a long term player development model. More and more goalie parents are recognizing that the position needs some help and even doing some basic goalie drills helps. A national certification would help. Also, learn to shoot.

Being a goalie I never really learned how to shoot. As a goalie parent myself for a girl in Ringette and a son who plays part time in hockey due to his age I hear a lot that goalies are a breed of their own. I am the goalie development Director for the local Ringette league and even in this league there is the same perception. I also have seen that previously there was no development, coaches would tell the girls to shoot on the goalie and that was all the practice that would occur.

In hockey this is the same that I have seen. As parents you shell a lot of money for goalie camps and training and there is no guarantee that the training you are getting is good training as there are no standards. Goalies can make or break a game and yet there is no respect.

I also get tired of hearing my kid is not playing goal when asked why the common response is they need to be a real player. My daughter can out skate most players on her team and is athletic as the others but they deem her not a real player. My Son is the same in hockey.

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The Goalie Coach Handbook : A Guide to Coaching Ice & Roller Hockey Goalies

We need coaches to understand how to coach a team and include the goalies, we need to have specific goalie coaches who know and understand the position and certified training would be great. I know in Ringette I have take to hiring companies to work with the girls and they are fantastic but more is always needed.

June 3, at PM I have posted this reply on another article related to this series. I am passionate about goaltending as we all are , and I felt compelled to speak up and offer another point of view. The USA has the same issues with training young goalies as Canada does. I played goalie too far back to have anything to offer as far as technique but there is an incredible array of information available on this site alone. Use it. Thanks for hearing me out. It is time to speak up. I have followed the related articles with great interest and I believe it is time another side of the story is presented.

Many have commented on the fact their young goalies have little or no attention paid to them. I have recognized this problem as a goalie parent and here is how I attacked the problem. The first step was to join USA Hockey and become a certified coach. Step two was to obtain as much information as I possibly could about goaltending. I used and still do every source available. I devoured this information and I continue to look for new information. I have advocated for them by explaining to the other coaches that we need to keep the drills as realistic as possible.

I have tried to design in-season and off-season programs that will help the goalies improve their hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and strength. I have attempted to explain the mental aspects of being a goaltender and I attend every game and work the penalty box if possible so I can be available to support the goalies during games.

We have many fine instructors in our area and I will be the first to admit my son would never have progressed to his current level by working exclusively with me.

Thank you for allowing me to make use of this wonderful forum. Way to go Paul, I am taking the same trail you have blazed. Anything you can pass on to me would be greatly appreciated. Paul way to go excellent show of dedication and determination.

Bestselling Series

Keep working on improving your skills. Thank you Larry. Thank you all very much. I have been after Hockey Canada for more than six years to get their act together on this issue.

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Do you think that if we i. And would be a waste of our time. A good program would include: 1.

Coaching Resources

A central organizational body i. Hockey Canada or its agency to run the program and support participants. A standard goalie curriculum from tyke to midget of course coaches can go beyond standards 3. National goalie coach certification program can have levels from initiation to advanced with regular refresher clinics 4. A certified goalie coach assigned to teams i.