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Yeah, we played with them a bunch of times in Austin and Houston — Club Foot all that shit. I loved Biscuit, he was always a shining light.

JD : The early shows were raucous. Everybody was trying to prove how punk rock they were. One of the shows, within the first two or three songs, someone threw a pitcher of water or beer on [X guitarist] Billy Zoom. He was a big motherfucker too.

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JD : Yeah. Actually, Jesse and I have played together for about four years now. People like that [laughs]. JD : Yeah I did a piece in his movie Zombex , which is a great premise to a movie. JD : Absolutely. JD : Oh, financial is the last thing I ever think about. I realized a while ago that I do have a reason to be on Earth, and the reason is to make people feel better about themselves.

You can say that for any musician.

Know another quote from Seven?

Do you feel like the place where you create music directly influences the final result? JD : I believe that everything you make should reflect its location. You should be able to tell something about where it was made.

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In particular, this last album I recorded with Howe Gelb in Arizona because I really like the sounds that Howe has gotten out of the WaveLab Studio in Tucson, and I wanted to be close to a friend of mine who was on the way out. Howe Gelb is the driving force behind Giant Sand. JD : No! Did she end up here?

John Doe: Vigilante - Wikipedia

JD : No, she never did. But only after Somerset and Mills drive him out to a remote desert area.

Once there, a delivery van approaches. Somerset goes to the van leaving Mills to watch Doe, who then tantalizingly explains to the detective that earlier that day he visited his home and took the head of his pregnant wife, Tracy Gwyneth Paltrow. But why did Doe commit his final atrocious murder and reveal it in this fashion? Because it was all part of his master plan to link each of his murders to the seven deadly sins.

You heard me, Hitchcock!

Se7en: Is Somerset is really the mastermind serial killer? (not John Doe)

Se7en's finale sees the sins of wrath and envy ultimately committed by Mills and Doe. Doe explains to Mills that he tried to live out his normal life of being happily married and in love with a beautiful woman. But he failed, and thus committed the crime of "envy" by decapitating Tracy. Thus Mills becomes wrath. That's because Somerset indicates that he will forgo his relocation upstate to "be around" for Mills.

In fact, the director fought long and hard with the studio to conclude Se7en in a truly downtrodden and overwhelming sour fashion.

Go out and kill. John Doe

And he essentially lost. Click over to the next page to learn the multiple ways that Se7en almost ended. Some of them are just mindboggling. In fact the studio had initially rejected this version, and then only bought the script after Kevin Andrew Walker had incorporated a more traditional, action-orientated conclusion.

In fact, after the above action-ending was rejected by the aforementioned trio, a sequence was storyboarded where Somerset decides to kill John Doe in order to save Mills. Alternate Ending 3: The Less-Dramatic Version A test ending for Se7en was quickly shot after the above sequence involving Somerset killing Doe was storyboarded, and it basically was the released finale -- Mills killing John Doe -- minus some of the film's "most dramatic moments," according to The Flesh Farm.

The site also reported that audiences went nuts for this conclusion in preview screenings, and producers were so impressed with this response to the Mills conclusion that their confidence in the head in the box version grew. Something that we should all be truly grateful for. Alternate Ending 4: Doe Kills Mills, Then Somerset Kills Doe According to Shortlist , another version of the script, and one of the first to have been created, would have seen John Doe shooting and killing Mills, only to then be shot by Somerset in return.

In fact, the only time that Mills and Somerset outmaneuver Doe is when they illegally track down his library movements, which results in their chase outside of his apartment. Something that should have culminated with the death of Mills, but only didn't because Doe wanted to complete every tiny detail of his meticulous plan.

Why did Mills shoot Somerset? What happened to Doe? All that we do know is that R. You were right about everything. That's speculation.

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